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Matrimonial Surveillance

Our private detectives have extensive experience in this difficult area of investigation. We have covert vehicles and motorbikes to suit every scenario. In very difficult circumstances we can install GPS vehicle trackers, the results of which can be monitored from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home.

Missing Persons

Our tracing detectives have been supplying our clients with a 95% success rate over 20 years. The methods used are innovative and with the use of modern technology our investigators are able to offer national and international coverage.

Electronic Devices

We supply a wide range of professional devices to suit every problem. These items are available for sale or hire and a demonstration of each product is standard procedure. Our legal department will also advise you of legislation regarding the use of transmitters and other covert products.


We supply a complete range of cameras, digital recorders and monitors to resolve or prevent theft and or damage to private or business premises.

Background and Credit Checks

Whether it is a future husband / partner or nanny, our service will supply you with invaluable information enabling you to make an informative decision.