Private Surveillance in London: Bureau of Investigation...

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Tracing Services

Our Private Surveillance Detectives in London, currently used by Local Government, Housing Associations and Finance Companies and Solicitors. We supply a success rate of 95% and have done so for over 20 years. The methods used by our surveillance detectives in London are innovative and with the use of modern technology our investigators are able to provide national coverage.

Services provided:

Witnesses to Anti-Social Behaviour

Our surveillance detectives in London primarily supply this service to Housing Associations and Local Government where tenants are suspected of vandalism, excessive noise and general harassment. Our Surveillance Detectives will attend at short notice to record and video evidence for use in court.


We have systems to suit every need from general building security to internal areas where sensitive information may be stored. Identification of unauthorised persons is of paramount importance so we only supply high quality cameras, digital recorders and monitors.

Employee Surveillance and Infiltration methods

Our surveillance detectives in London, have proved over many years that dishonest employee's can have a devastating effect on large and small companies. Sensitive information relayed to competitors has been known to cause the demise of businesses. With our expert surveillance teams these individuals will be identified and evidence obtained.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

The question is are your employee's where they say they are? With our GPS tracking systems all your questions will be answered. All our systems are accurate to within 3 metres and very easy to use. Logon and view the position of the target vehicle in seconds.